It’s time to own the fact that you are wiser beyond belief

Feel into deeper layers of soft tissue to learn what patterns in your life trigger tension and seal in your pain. Living as your Wiser Self means feeling free in your body. It means embodying integrity, patience, courage, and compassion. The Wiser Self knows no limits when it comes to creative thought and belief in positive outcome.

  • 8 Class Recordings That You Own

    Option to take the Live Classes on Thursdays 7:45am-9:00am EST

  • A Pair of Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls

    Your take-anywhere massage tool that grips and grabs soft tissue to work out knots and adhesions

  • BONUS Neck & Shoulders Rescue Video

    You’ll own this mini-sequence to get you out of upper back, neck and shoulder tension

  • The Inner Work

    At the heart of each class is a specific and focused intention

    Embodying Confidence, Reflecting your Wiser Self in your Anatomy, Open-mindedness, Feeling for Courage, Vision Questing, Facing Fear, Your Compassionate Self, Building Integrity, Connecting to Spirit

  • The Physical Practice

    Classes combine self-myofascial release and Forrest Yoga.  Using the therapy balls we will wake up “blind spots” in our soft tissue and target areas that we will then be engaging while in poses.  Each class has a unique focus including: heart opening, hips, shoulders, back strengthening, twists and more.

Join me May 20th- July 8th!