Private Instruction


Private and semi-private sessions allow students to receive individual attention, address specific injuries or “tight spots”, learn the basics of yoga, or deepen an already existing practice. The beauty is that students do not need to rely on a studio schedule which can be tricky in our busy lives. Denise will travel to your home or can book space at a local yoga studio.  If working in home, students will need a yoga mat, 2 blocks, and a strap.

What to expect:

  • customized sequences to suit your level, injuries, and aspirations
  • lots of hands-on assists to help you feel into parts of your body that you may not be accessing
  • pose modifications for injuries and limitations
  • gain confidence to practice in a group setting
  • advanced students will be challenged to feel more deeply in their poses
  • you will feel supported, encouraged and more willing to take on change in your life


Denise offers Skype sessions to non-local students as well as students with busy travel schedules.  These sessions are most effective for students with some yoga experience and are a more affordable option than in-person privates.  Read what these students have to say about Skype sessions…

“The first time I met Denise was through her voice. I was practicing her online audios, the chakra series, and having so many breakthroughs that I said to myself it would be better to contact her in some other way …and I did…That was the starting point of my healing journey with my instructor, Denise Hopkins.  The Skype classes also empower me as student, to listen carefully and to do my own adjustments. So when she is not around I am still “in charge” of my practice.  I am very proud of having her in my life…She teaches me so many things…

  •       As a teacher you do not need to do fancy yoga poses for your student to have breakthroughs
  •       My voice can heal someone…because hers heals me…
  •       Frustration can become exploration
  •       I can adjust any pose to do it doesn’t matter what injury I have
  •       Asking her, doesn’t make me less knowledgeable. It makes me a bigger person because I can give more to myself and   others
  •       I need more time in some sequences, because my body and my Spirit need time for themselves
  •       The Universe will provide me and I do not need to exhaust myself