Regular practice is the most effective way to maintain lasting strength.



Does squeezing yoga into to your busy schedule stress you out?


No problem!



QUICK FIX YOGA CLASSES make daily practice a no-brainer.


Ready for more energy on a daily basis?



    • Reset the sluggish parts of body and mind

    • Heal injuries with a new self-care routine

    • Undo bad posture habits from the day before

    • Build strength quickly

    • Remind your body how to unwind and relax


    • 7 classes in 2 weeks

    • Do them on repeat and make it 14 classes in 14 days

    • Classes range from 35 minutes to 60 minutes

    • $76.00 (under $10/class)

    • Payment options: Register Button, Venmo (@Denise-Hopkins-1) or Zelle (


    MONDAYS (June 6th & 13th)

    8:00-8:35am est (live or replay)

    WEDNESDAYS (June 8th & 15th)

    receive a 35 min. pre-recorded class

    THURSDAYS (9th & 16th)

    8:00am-8:45am est (live or replay)

    SUNDAY, June 12th

    9:00-10:00am est (live or replay)

Emergence: coming into view after being concealed or “coming into being.”

 Parts of us are not the same as they were 2 years ago.

Harness your inner strength and re-emerge with fresh vitality.