Discover what drains you.

FREE 4 day Challenge. September 7th-10th

Feel into deeper layers of soft tissue to learn what patterns in your life trigger tension and seal in your pain. Self Preservation means taking the right actions to feel free in your body. It means embodying integrity, patience, courage, and compassion.

  • Free Virtual Classes

    Classes can be streamed for free for the entire 4 days.  Practice them more than once!

  • BONUS Live Q & A Session

    Stay after class on Day 4 and ask all of your burning questions!

  • The Practice

    Injury healing and prevention techniques based on your intake form. Expect shoulder & neck work, lower back healing, and hip stability.

    At the heart of each class is a specific intention, such as: Dealing with Energy Vampires. Guilt as a form of Self-Punishment and more.

Join me for the free 4 day challenge. Live or replay.

September 7th-10th from 8:00am-8:45am EST